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Is Flossing Twice a Day Good or Bad for Your Gums?

Posted on 6/21/2021 by Matthew Martin
Is Flossing Twice a Day Good or Bad for Your Gums?You should never go a day without flossing your teeth, as doing so is good for both the gums and teeth. However, you do not want to overdo it either. Usually, flossing once a day is sufficient for cleaning the teeth and improving gum health.

Why You Don't Want to Over-floss

You can floss once a day, and that should be enough to keep your teeth clean of plaque and food and for polishing the teeth. Flossing also prevents the further spread of gingivitis, as it gets rid of plaque between the teeth, which often negatively impacts gum health. You want to floss gently to prevent injuring the gingival tissues. If you floss more than once a day, you increase the risk that you could scratch the gum tissue, which could lead to an infection. This can lead to future damage to the gums and teeth.

How Flossing Too Much Causes Gum Problems

Flossing more than once a day can irritate the gingival tissue and trigger the dental problems it is used to prevent. If you floss 2 or 3 times per day, it will have the same effect as vigorous flossing, wearing down the gum's margin and eroding the dental enamel over time. Whenever you floss, you need to give your gums a chance to recuperate. That is why it is best to floss once a day – preferably morning or evening.

Is One Time Better than Another to Floss?

While some people floss before bed, so their teeth and gums stay clean while sleeping, others prefer to floss in the morning. You just need to remember one thing. It takes about 24 hours for bacterial colonies in the mouth to fully develop. Therefore, dislodging stuck food once daily will keep the health of your gums and teeth in check. As long as you are conscientious about flossing your teeth each day and do so gently, you will realize better periodontal outcomes.

Do you floss at least once a day? Have you scheduled an annual comprehensive periodontal evaluation (CPE)? If not, contact us today to set an appointment for the exam.
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