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Dental Implants
Mason & North Cincinnati, OH

Here at Martin Periodontics, we often have people ask us what dental implants are all about. While they are a common replacement option for those who are suffering from missing teeth, we find that many people do not know very much about them. We have comprised some of our most frequently asked questions to guide you as you prepare for an upcoming procedure, but for more information on what to expect during your individual visit, call our office today, and one of our friendly and experienced staff members can walk you through the process.

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a small device, generally made of titanium, that is implanted into the jaw where a tooth is missing to act as the root of a new artificial tooth. These implants can be attached to crowns, permanent bridges, or used to support a full set of permanent dentures. Titanium is often used because it fuses with the bone better than zirconium, its ceramic counterpart. Implants are one of the healthiest replacement options when it comes to missing teeth.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are a great option if you are missing one or more teeth. While there are other options, such as full or partial dentures and removable bridges, these options do not provide the same bonuses. You see, when you use dentures or bridges that sit on the surface of your gums, there are many drawbacks. You find yourself unable to eat certain foods (in the case of full dentures your sense of taste may be diminished), they may slide or shift uncomfortably, and health-wise, they can cause irritation to your gums while you speak and eat but can also cause bone loss beneath the gum’s surface.

However, these problems are irrelevant when it comes to implants. Implants do not lead to bone loss since every bite stimulates your jaw to grow more continuously. They also do not irritate your gums as they mimic the bite force and angle of a natural tooth. This option is very stable and does not slide or shift in your mouth. This increases comfortability significantly and decreases humiliation. It also means that you can eat all of your favorite foods without worrying that you will lose your denture or artificial piece. No flavors are diminished either!
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What is the Process?

While the process is time-consuming, it is pretty simple. If your tooth is damaged but not missing, it will be removed first. Also, if your jaw is thin or worn down, you may need a bone graft which will also be done before the procedure can take place. When it comes to installing your implant, you will be given an anesthetic (local or general depending on your preferences). Then, our dentist will carefully install the implant through an incision in the top of your gums. It will take 4-6 months to heal and fuse with the bone completely.
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Then, with a permanent crown, bridge, or denture in place, you will feel confident in your smile again, guaranteed. There is no pain during the procedure, and while you may feel an ache in the days following, you will be prescribed medication to help you deal, otherwise standard Advil, Aleve, or Tylenol will do.

Martin Periodontics cares about your well-being, and your health is our number one priority. If you have a missing tooth that needs filling, give us a call today at (513) 445-4282. No one will take better care of you than our experience professionals.

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Before image of a dental implant candidate at Martin Periodontics in Mason & North Cincinnati, OH
Before image of a dental implant candidate at Martin Periodontics in Mason & North Cincinnati, OH
Before image of a dental implant candidate at Martin Periodontics in Mason & North Cincinnati, OH

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