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FAQ About Cosmetic Gum Surgery

Posted on 11/22/2021 by Martin Periodontics
FAQ About Cosmetic Gum SurgeryCosmetic gum surgery involves the reshaping of gums to improve your smile and facial appearance. This procedure revolves around reshaping gum tissues that might be too large or too little for your mouth. There are several frequently asked questions about cosmetic surgery; some of them include:

Why Should You Consider Cosmetic Gum Surgery?

You should consider cosmetic gum surgery if you are looking to improve the natural beauty of your smile. Like several dental cosmetic surgeries, cosmetic gum surgery is meant to reshape your gums and enhance your smile. However, it takes more than your pearly whites to have a beautiful, bright smile — the gums also play an essential role. A gum graft surgery ensures the gums are well-proportioned and healthy-looking.

How Does Cosmetic Gum Surgery Fix Smile Defects?

Several cosmetic gum surgery options can help fix your smile. It all depends on the smile defect you have and your personal preferences. For example, you can have flaws like a gummy smile, a condition where your teeth appear smaller than usual due to excessive gum tissue. In that case, we use a crown lengthening procedure where we remove excess gum tissue. This makes your teeth appear normal and in excellent proportion to your smile.

Do I Have to Go to Hospital for a Cosmetic Gum Surgery?

Cosmetic gum surgery is performed in a dental office. Therefore, you need to come to our offices for this procedure. We use local anesthesia for this surgery, and it won't take much time to be complete.

Can Gum Surgery Treat Gun Disease?

Yes, gum surgery is one of the most effective ways of treating gum disease. This method is used when gum disease has advanced to severe stages and can no longer be reversed by oral hygiene. Get in touch with us for more information on cosmetic gum surgery.
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