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Pinhole Gum Surgery

When your gums are healthy, they sit snugly against your teeth, forming a tight seal. However, the tissue around your teeth is sensitive and can recede. One of the most common causes of gum recession is gum disease. Your inflamed gums pull away from your teeth, allowing oral bacteria to fall below. The bacteria then attack from the inside. Your gums may also recede due to brushing too hard. Whatever the reason, when your gums recede, you are put at risk for sensitivity, loose teeth or even tooth loss. At Martin Periodontics, we can put an end to your gum recession, and restore your gums, with pinhole gum surgery.

Gum Grafts

Traditionally, when you suffer from gum recession, the answer is gum, or soft tissue, graft. This procedure involves taking soft tissue from elsewhere in your mouth (most frequently, the roof), and stitching it in place over the teeth affected by the recession. When this type of surgery is performed, you have two surgical sites (unless you have a pedicle graft or donor tissue is used), and the length of time for healing could take up to 8 weeks or more.

An Alternative to Traditional Methods

While soft tissue grafts are still performed today, there is an alternative available – pinhole gum surgery. After we clean your teeth with a procedure known as scaling and root planing, we make a tiny incision in your gum tissue near the area of recession. With the help of specialized tools, we maneuver your gum tissue back into its proper place, covering the exposed areas of your teeth. When finished, we then insert collagen strips, which are meant to help stabilize your gums and hold them in place.

Recovering from Pinhole Gum Surgery

Unlike traditional gum grafts, healing from pinhole gum surgery takes very little time. This non-invasive procedure only requires a tiny hole for access to the tissues. There are no incisions or open wounds on the roof of your mouth, nor (in the instance of a pedicle graft) are there several incisions made in your gum tissue before they are manipulated. The small hole created to perform this procedure heals within a matter of days, allowing you to get back to life as normal in a very short period.

Even though the procedure is non-invasive, you may still experience minor swelling and tenderness. These can easily be remedied with ice (for the first 24 hours) and over the counter pain medications.

It is also important to maintain proper oral hygiene after your procedure. While pinhole gum surgery is meant to provide you with permanent results, poor oral hygiene habits can lead to a new gum disease infection, which can then cause your gums to recede a second time.

Pinhole Gum Surgery Benefits

Pinhole gum surgery offers numerous benefits:
•  The procedure is non-invasive. It requires no removal of tissue, open wounds or stitches.
•  The recovery period is drastically reduced, as it only takes a couple of days for the pinhole to heal.
•  The results of pinhole gum surgery are visible almost immediately. Your smile is restored, and no one will be able to tell that you have had a procedure done.
•  We can treat several areas of gum recession in a single visit.

If you are experiencing gum recession, contact Martin Periodontics today to schedule your consultation and find out if pinhole gum surgery is right for you.
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