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Effects of Bone Loss

Bone loss in your jaw is a serious issue that has numerous impacts on your oral health and your quality of life. Even a small amount of bone loss can have major consequences. At Martin Periodontics, the health of your mouth, including the health of your jawbone, is our top priority. We take every step necessary to ensure that your teeth, gums, and jaw are in top form. We also believe that it is important to understand the effects of bone loss so that you can seek treatment right away.

What Causes Bone Loss in the First Place?

Bone loss in your jaw can occur for several different reasons:
•  Tooth loss. Even the loss of one tooth can have serious consequences.
•  You have a tooth extracted.
•  Advanced stages of gum disease.
•  Teeth that are misaligned.
•  Ill-fitting dentures.
•  Trauma to the jaw and teeth.
•  Osteoporosis.

Effects of Bone Loss

Bone loss has numerous effects, which can greatly affect your oral health, your appearance and your quality of life. One of the most obvious consequences of bone loss is tooth loss. The roots of your teeth depend on your jawbone, along with the periodontal ligaments, to hold them firmly in place. When you lose bone mass, the roots of your teeth have less surrounding them. They become more mobile in their sockets and can fall out.

Bone loss can cause the teeth in your mouth to become misaligned. Because your teeth are no longer held securely in place, they shift out of their natural positions. This throws off your bite and leads to a few different complications. One of the first is that your teeth wear unevenly. A misaligned bite can put extra, unnecessary, pressure on your temporomandibular joint, causing severe pain. They also affect your ability to completely chew your food, which makes everything you eat harder to digest.

Loss of bone mass can significantly affect your appearance. As your jawbone starts to alter shape, your lips and cheeks begin to cave in. You might begin to notice jowls, along with wrinkles around your mouth and eyes. Your nose may also become distorted. All of this can make you look years older than you are.

Treating and Preventing Bone Loss

Caring for your teeth properly is the first step to keeping your teeth, and your jaw, strong and healthy. It is essential that you brush at least twice a day and floss daily. Twice yearly dental visits are also key. A well-balanced diet will help to ensure that your jaw gets all of the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Moreover, if you lose a tooth, it is important that you have it replaced as soon as possible. Dental implants mimic the root of a tooth, helping to prevent bone loss from occurring.

If you have suffered bone loss, that doesn’t mean you are out of options. There is a treatment to help restore lost bone mass. A bone graft is a surgical procedure that takes bone mass from elsewhere in your body, or a bone graft substitute, and places it into the areas of your jaw that are weak. As your mouth heals, the bone fuses with the graft material and helps to restore lost strength and structure to your jaw.

At the first signs of bone loss, seeking dental help is essential. Contact Martin Periodontics at (513) 445-4282 to schedule your appointment right away!
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